About bFelix

bFelix has been manufacturing stylish, high quality furniture since 1998, using 100% natural materials with traditional techniques, making the product durably long-lasting. A great deal of craftsmanship and quality is invested into a bFelix piece, ensuring the chair will be with you a lifetime.
The techniques used are traditionally European; the leather is from tanneries in South America, Europe and US; and all materials used within the product are guaranteed 100% natural from mother earth. Absolutely no PU or synthetic fibres can be found on a bFelix piece.
A bFelix piece will suitably find its place in many home styles, such as the traditional, the luxury glam, the retro funky, and the high fashion. A bFelix is a statement chair that either belongs to him or her, or is simply an iconic piece of its own. The various coverings and shapes can suit any person’s discerning style.
A bFelix chair is not just any chair. A great amount of thought and design has been invested to make the chair a comfortable fit without the need for support cushions. A bFelix is like a well-fitted quality shoe that gives you 100% comfort for a lifetime.