Chesterfield Sofa

Angel's Share enjoys a Chesterfield

Take a seat, kick back and chill at Angel's Share whisky bar in Hong Kong inspired by the belief that the supposed 2% of whisky evaporation is purely due to angels taking their share while you're not watching. Comforting thought as you sip your whisky. Pictured here is the infamous bFelix Chesterfield sofa. Many have enjoyed a malt or two in this spot.

Chesterfield on the 'traditional side'

 One of the many bFelix Chesterfield sofas at The Cigar Collection in Hong Kong, the largest cigar club in the region. A very welcoming visual.

Chesterfield on the 'bold side'

 This bFelix Chesterfield sofa in Muirhead red makes a bold statement in a predominantly black and white room. Traditional pieces also welcome colour.

Chesterfield on the 'bright side'

There is a brighter side to a Chesterfield sofa. It's lovely to combine the traditional comfort of a Chesterfield with modern colours, and this bFelix Chesterfield in Muirhead Caledonian Parrot is a beautiful example. 

Lily & Bloom, Hong Kong

 The popular Lily & Bloom inspired by turn-of-the-century America, houses a number of bFelix chairs, including this 2 seater Paris Chesterfield covered in their own chosen leather and two Colonial Desk Chairs used as occasional chairs. 

These chairs aren't shown in the products catalogue but they are available upon request.

The old Pawn, Hong Kong

The Pawn in one of Hong Kong's oldest and historic buildings dating back to 1888, used to house one of bFelix's longest Chesterfield. It's unfortunately not there anymore since the latest renovation. But this photo is an absolute favourite. 

The Cigar Collection, Hong Kong

The Cigar Collection in Hong Kong a comfortable haven inspired by London's 1940s gentlemen's club is the largest cigar club in the city. A whole range of retro furniture makes this place extremely unique, including the bFelix Chesterfield sofa amongst others.

bFelix Chesterfield Sofa in a beige leather.

bFelix Chesterfield Sofa in orange-tan leather.


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