Craftsmanship & Quality

A lifetime chair
bFelix manufactures furniture that improves with age. We only use natural materials and apply traditional upholstery techniques, to ensure our pieces stay with you for a lifetime. The leather club chairs will ‘settle-in’ and develop a rich patina over time. 
Traditionally European
All our fabrics are made in Europe and are of the highest standard to withstand the test of time. At bFelix we strive to find the ideal blend of design, materials and techniques resulting in a product of superior quality and longevity.

Traditional Skills
At bFelix people contribute ideas, skills and hard work, while mother nature provides the materials. Several traditional skills are required to make a 100% authentic leather club chair, such as making the solid wooden frame, installing the big conical springs on jute webbing, processing the natural fibres such as coco fibre and horse hair, and putting the leather on the chair. Only a 100% traditionally made club chair will result in a quality that makes the piece improve with age, in short collectable.
Few materials can match horsehair when it comes to making a club chair. Moisture passes through the hollow strands so quickly that if you wet horsehair with water and give it a shake, it dries straight away. This quick-drying property is perfect for a chair because body temperatures often transform into moisture in the form of perspiration.
Other material used include coco fibre, hessian, cotton and goose feathers. No PU foam is used in the chair, making the product truly natural.
100% Leather
We use full grain cow hides. Absolutely no correction is made to the grain. Hides are specially tanned, colour dyed and treated with natural oil and wax. The leather is hand finished after being fitted on the chair. The leather has a 100% natural look and texture and develops a lovely patina over time. 
Unique Product Seal
Every bFelix chair is uniquely identified and quality sealed. In order to maintain and monitor our programme of stringent quality control, each bFelix chair carries a unique serial number that identifies your piece in an unlikely event that your piece encounters any problems. The serial number is discreetly attached on the underside of the chair.