Lanceros Club Chair and Sofa

The club chair of club chairs

Take a seat, sit back and relax. The bFelix Lanceros club chair needs no introduction. 

For the cigar connoisseur

Cigar and club chair heaven... Featured is the bFelix Lanceros in brown leather patchwork at the Cigarro Hong Kong. For the cigar connoisseur, this is it.

A tradition with a twist

The Quinary in Hong Kong well known for its mixology cocktail creations is home to many of bFelix's club chairs, as seen here is the Lanceros club sofa in a combination patchwork leather with chocolate velvet cushions. A high traffic sofa is wearing the age very well indeed.

A traditional club sofa in a brighter shade

 A retro club leather sofa by bFelix in a brighter choice of colour. It's purely tradition for today. The bFelix Lanceros club sofa is a good choice for a modern retro touch.

Retro is the new modern

 Retro is the new modern. There's something about a club chair in red leathers that's rather different yet traditionally retro, as seen here with our bFelix Lanceros club chair

Sooth your Soul

Three words come to mind when looking at this rustic scene, 'Sooth your Soul'. This bFelix Lanceros club chair looks just right in this rustic scene with rough wood floors and painted brick wall.  

It improves with age

This beautifully handmade bFelix Lanceros club chair improves with age, and will most definitely be passed down generations. Only quality workmanship can create such a beautiful piece that outlives your lifetime.

Library with Character

 A traditionally designed bFelix Lanceros club chair quite often seen in brown tones is quite an outstanding piece of furniture in red in this library setting. As seen here, it's acceptable to be daring with traditional pieces.  

The Armoury

 The Armoury is well known for its classic and stylish range of quality crafted men's tailored clothing and leather goods from the UK, Spain, Italy and Japan.

A good match for a bFelix Lanceros club chair prominently positioned in their Pedder Building shop.

 Gallina & Joy's home

Gallina and Joy from Deep Water Bay Hong Kong opted for the timeless favourite, the Lanceros Club Chair in tan leather. This is an absolutely gorgeous scene as the owners enjoy their piece. 

Gregory & Isabelle's home

Gregory and Isabelle from Antworth Belgium decided on brown and burgundy Lanceros Club Chairs. Positioning their chairs in front of large glass doors to the garden creates a cosiness to their large living room.

They have chosen to mix their traditionally English club chairs with Chinese furniture pieces such as the sideboard and side tables, creating an interesting eclectic mix of traditions. 

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