The bFelix Story

bFelix started with one original piece. And here’s how it happened. French born Nathalie Bramoulle always admired her mother-n-law’s collection of vintage furniture from the 1900s era which she collected over time. And it was one particular piece that started it all.
Nathalie came to Hong Kong in 1989 when she worked for a company sourcing hardgoods from China. And as she did her normal day job, she thought it might be a lovely idea to create a replica of a 30 year old chair that sat in her husband’s childhood bedroom. Her and her husband with her mother-n-law’s blessing shipped the chair to Hong Kong, found a furniture factory, and created a replica. Much to her and her husband’s dismay, upon completion of the replica, the factory had disposed of the ‘original’ vintage piece, as they thought ‘it was old and dirty’. Let’s just say, it took the family a while to get over the debacle.
What started as a little hobby on the side creating club chair replicas, became a substantial business. She now has her own fully-staffed workshop creating furniture using only the exact methods and traditional techniques done in the 1900s, while only using natural eco-friendly materials.  Her pieces are the best quality money can buy, and just like her mother-n-law’s collection, will be passed down generations. Her pieces are ideal either as an individual statement piece or as a beautiful pair.
Nathalie believes that it 'takes time to create a beautiful room. Chairs in your home should fit beautifully just like a good pair of shoes. And a chair should be comfortable without the need for extra cushions.’ She also believes that it’s 'great to be more adventurous with furniture choices, and perhaps be more imaginative’.